Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, is back online. My server went down in July, and I didn't bother updating the DNS information, or redirecting any traffic to, well, anything. So was completely defunct. I finally have time to get back to some web development and the google apps allow me to have complete control over the website as far as javascript and html go anyway.

If you decide to visit the page, don't just yet. I think there is a welcome statement telling you that it's back up, but I've not done anything more with it. Right now I'm looking to see if I can put some generated content from drupal (or drupal itself) up there. This is why I liked running my own web server. I could say, “Hey, I want Drupal” and there it goes.

Which leads us into my new hobby. Learning Drupal. Why, you ask, do I care to learn drupal (as well as Python and all the other stuff I teach myself)? I figure that if I can learn drupal, I can always use it as a fall back or secondary job. I know how to build a web server, I know how to administer web services, and most small businesses want a low-cost web site that can do what they want. I figure I can pick up some extra cash and maybe do some web pages for some businesses if I can build a really snazzy website.

Drupal is an amazing tool that lets you do that, if you care to anyway. I would encourage anyone who is interested in web dev to go to and check it out!

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