Saturday, January 10, 2009 3

The project recently (in October of 2009), released their 3.0 edition. I usually wait a little while before I install new software, just to give them a bit to work out any bugs. Rarely do I say, "wow" when I install new software, but... wow.

They increased the modularity of the program. For you who are not familiar with the "linux philosophy," they like to keep things simple. One program for one tool, or in the instance of oo.o, one interface for one task. Here the oo.o team added a bunch of great things. There is a new interface just for math. You can make up those great (and complex) equations that I've never understood. You can also add in some great extensions that increase the power of beyond the coolness that it already is.

I've not yet fiddled with the oo.o printer manager, but it seems to just be a printer interface for the local CUPS server. Not sure why it's there, but ok, whatever.

Well, the moral of the story is this. If you need a word processing tool, and you're just not feeling the love with the MS 2007 "ribbon" interface, is a great GNU alternative. At least, I think that the program is GNU, it might be a different license, but it's still open source and being built by a community of users.

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