Monday, January 5, 2009

South East Linux Festival

Well folks, you knew it would happen. (As if you knew anything that would happen relating to this blog.) I have decided to submit a paper to the South East Linux Festival. I just listened to one of Dave Yates' podcasts where he was pimping SELF again. (If you are unfamiliar with Dave Yates and LLL, go to: Lotta Linux Links.)

I think that Linux and Education go very well together. Unfortunately there is a barrier preventing Linux from becoming a relevant part of pedagogy. There are several arguments that I have heard from various people. I think what I'll do it address those arguments and approach Linux from a Bentham philosophical point of view. That is, I'll weigh the pros and cons of a Linux implementation in pedagogy, and hopefully put a good amount of research into it so I can attempt to have it published in a Journal as well.

Sadly enough, I don't believe there is enough research regarding Linux in education to support what I hope to accomplish, but perhaps I can develop my ideas through specific examples. I know that Linux can help people to easily become integrated into a digital world. This integration can referred to as "New Literacy," meaning technological or digital literacy. I wonder if there is any research supporting the idea that Literacy is a cross-platform skill?

Anyway, Linux in Education, look for more here folks!

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