Saturday, January 10, 2009

Podcast coming -- HPR

Yesterdays tutorial will be coming at you so you can listen to how I set everything up instead of reading through it. This is, of course, an attempt at differentiation.

For those of you faithful readers who do not know pedagogical principles, differentiation is the idea that people learn differently, and that information should be presented in different ways. Two broad categories of differentiation are visual and auditory. Obviously, a visual person would be much more comfortable reading through instructions while an auditory person would prefer to listen to instructions.

If you are familiar with pedagogical principles, you will know that this is a gross oversimplification. I only mention this concept to help some understand that people learn differently and that you should evaluate how you learn in order to increase your learning potential.

So, the podcast should be coming sometime soon from Hacker Public Radio. Now, a word of clarification. Hacker Public Radio plays more to the hacker mentality than it does to being an evil villainous computer person. A Hacker is someone who wants to know. The modern renaissance man, if you will.

You can find hacker public radio at:

While my installation of HPR might not show up for a few days, you can head on over there and check out the neat kinds of things that they have going.

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