Monday, January 5, 2009

AVID Tutorology

So I just designed my lesson plan for day 1 of Tutoring for semester 2 of AVID. When I started last semester, I was not exactly given much guidance for doing Tutoring sessions. This is not the fault of my district, and the problem has since been ameliorated. I started late in the year and had missed previous opportunities to receive the correct training.

I'm fairly happy with my lesson for tomorrow. I was able to successfully avoid requiring paper to be used by all students, although I will need to make 5 copies for students whose computers are not yet working. I have four parts to my lesson and have been able to cover a good deal of information in a very thorough manner.

Tuesday (tomorrow) will be an overview of Tutoring and how it looks from the student perspective. Thursday, the next tutoring session, will be an implementation of how tutoring show feel and how students should engage in the learning session. Next Monday (a week from today) I should be meeting with all of my Tutors to begin training them in the manners in which they will conduct themselves in class. I have a wide range of Tutors. Some of my Tutors are freshman peer tutors and some of my tutors are upperclassmen.

I'm interested in seeing how these students take to the new tutoring regimen. I think that the students will buy in a little more than usual because some of their peers will be engaged in the process of tutoring.

Next blog post will be regarding my computer club.

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