Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm watching the inauguration on TV and programming in Python. Python is a real joy to program. Rather, I should say that running python with this book is a real joy. I think that if more languages had instructions written like this, then there would be many more talented programmers around.

There are people who CAN think like a computer. These are people who have a talent that is left undeveloped because the bar has been raised so high for entrance into the "world" of computer programming that students give up and quit very quickly.

Sure, there are excellent programs like Alice from Carnegie Melon University, but Alie only teaches principles. It doesn't really teach programming.

This python book, developed, if I'm not mistaken, through open source channels, is an absolutely excellent introductory book for python and computer science. I'm not sure what the future of computer science holds, but I am sure that python with wxWidgets will be a part of it. More on that as I learn it!

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