Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolution

I have resolved to become a blogger. I can assume, based on what I know about educational principles, that I will become a somewhat better writer by writing regularly. My goal is to write 360 Blog postings this year. While that MIGHT seem like I'm cheating the daily thing or writing one a day, I assure you that is not my intention. I intend to keep my blog postings frequent and informative. Some days will most assuredly have two (or more) postings, and summer might find that there are not many postings at all.

Primarily I hope to be writing about my two favorite subjects, computers and education. With respect to computers, I might tend to lean towards Linux. With respect to education, I will lean towards innovation and what I am attempting to do in my classroom.

If my article does not get approved by the Journal I have submitted it to, then I'll post the article here. Otherwise, I'll simply comment and direct readers to that journal if it gets published. -- note 1/10/09: It's not only my article. There was another guy... We'll call him Bob for anonymity. We wrote the article together, and without his help I would never have gotten it finished. If we do get published, I will definitely buy the man a beer. Or three.

As always, my son will figure into several of my blog posts. He's cool and 16 months old right now. Currently running around the house being quacked at by my wife. He likes to suck on wet rags so we try to keep him in supply of clean wet rags. It seems to really sooth his teeth, which happen to be coming all at once. (I think he's working on 10+ teeth.)


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