Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time to pimp others!

Ok, so I'm catching up on my back posts of the linux link tech show (tllts). I was listening to (I think?) was the Halloween episode where the guys chatted with Chad Whallenburg (Sorry if I butchered your name Chad). Chad has a podcast called the Linux Basement. He is also working to increase the level of awareness of FOSS / GNU software in his school district. You can follow along with their progress documenting this project at the sponsored website.

This is a great project where Chad and others are working to provide tutorials and guides on how to integrate Open Source solutions into a proprietary world. FOSS can really save a lot of money as well as provide wonderful solutions to companies who do not want to pay expensive licensing fees.

If you are hankering for another great podcast, check out Lotta Linux Links, I am sure you'll enjoy Mr. Yates commentaries and interviews.

In general, I've been working on getting a Linux report put together to maybe present it or publish it. I think I mentioned that already. That means that I have been doing some research related to Linux in Education and trying to find out what hurdles need to be addressed directly by the open source community. The software is solid, but there seem to be those horrid and persistent perceptions of instability. Is it something that we're doing inherently? Hmmm..

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