Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tutor session I

Wow! It's been almost a day since I last posted anything on my blog. I am beginning to feel completely remiss in my duties to no one (since at last check almost no one reads this).

Anyway, Tutor Session number one went off today without a hitch! Yay! The students were generally engaged in the process and interested in learning how the new tutoring model will take place. I'm glad to see that the students are so engaged after one two days of being back at school! I had anticipated an uphill battle of bad memories and negative attitudes, but it seems most of the students are willing to work!

We covered some new classroom procedures (such as bell work and being "on-time"). We also reviewed student expectations for being in and AVID tutoring session. I hope that the students will buy into the official model more than the model I half-created half-inherited. The previous model is by no means a bad model, and it is a model that will serve the students well in the future, but the students were not giving the tutoring model any credence in the setting.

Computer club also went very well. We've divided the club up into two groups. The first group is an Object Oriented Programming group using ALICE to learn Object Oriented Principles. The second group is a group who will be learning how to operate Blender 3d. All the students were able to install their respective programs as well as begin their respective tutorials.


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