Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok, So I was driving home from the park with my wife and little boy. Driving, quite happily, just watching cars and trees and all those road-ish kind of things. An there, out of the blue, a bumper sticker.

Let me back up in my thinking. According to the wags and pundits, the people who supported George Bush as president were the conservative Christians. I generally found this to be true, as being a somewhat liberal Christian, I have many conservative Christian friends.

According to the same wags and pundits, it was the Liberal non-believers who were most against the Bush Regime. Which sounds about right to me.

Now, I would assume that this model is following; that the Conservative Christians are against Obama and the Liberals are in favor of Obama.

So when I saw the bumper sticker, "Hate Obama" I was surprised! I can understand "Impeach Obama," "Export Obama," and even, "Obama is Evil," even if I disagree with all those statements. But the imperative, "Hate Obama?" That's just strange.

Why would you encourage more hatred? Assuming that you are a conservative Christian, why are you hating at all? Or have you removed yourself so far from Christ that hate has become second nature to you? Or are you just some moron who can't feel anything other than hatred?

It's a sad commentary on the world that such a sentiment exists towards our President. Like him or not, we should at least give him a few weeks before declaring our undying hatred of the man!

Personally, I think that he'll do just a fine job. He doesn't seem to have any ulterior motives, and seems to be doing the best he can for the country. He doesn't seem to be overly concerned about formalities or other mostly trivial concepts, so let us see if he's got what it takes to make America a nice place to live again.

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