Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy or Sad?

Should I be happy or sad? I just did a search for Sidux and Webcams and the top hit below the sidux homepage was my blog. If I wanted to do a search for my blog, I would already know where it was! So, is it good that my blog comes up for this? I mean, I don't answer the question that I had, so it's probably not a very good idea to have my blog be in the top ten.

But I'm happy that my blog is apparently deemed relevant by digital brains.

So I'm conflicted. Maybe people will start reading my blog, thus giving me a feeling of self worth, and pushing me upward to global domination.

Or more likely, people will hit that little "down" arrow next to the search results, thus relegating me to a life of complete obscurity.

Oh well. Read the netflix post, it has meaning.

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