Thursday, October 1, 2009

why I hate World of Warcraft.

There are two reasons I can see that one would play World of Warcraft. First, it's a game that puts you into natural surroundings where trees still have some value. Second, it's an RPG. I value both of these things, but I hate World of Warcraft.

Hate might not be the right word, but it will do.

If you want to participate in nature, the fix is easy. Go outside. Please.

If you want to play an RPG, get some friends, get together and Play an RPG. They're better when you play pen-and-paper. Trust me.

Go outside.


Corrie said...

Not sure what RGB is, but I've seen WOW destroy several homes around here. Thats "why I hate WOW."

Jonathan said...

RPG is a Role Playing Game... Generally good at developing creativity and lateral thinking.