Thursday, March 8, 2007


I have recently decided to sell Shaklee products. For those of you who are not familiar with this brand, I will let you know a little more. Shaklee is a health company; that is to say that they are interested in making people healthier. They spend a lot of money in research and development of their products and really attempt to make a good product. They have products pertaining to cleaning, nutrition, weight management and pure air/water.
Why have I decided to sell this stuff? Where is the allure for me? Two years ago I bought a Shaklee air purifier. It is a $200 air purifier that will take care of a little room for a year. I have little money and little patience for frivolities, so why did I buy this thing? I borrowed one from a Shaklee rep and it made my car smell good.
I'll tell you a little about this car. It was a 1982 (or something) Buick Skylark. Before I had it, it had been in storage for several years. Apparently smoking teens and lonely rats had taken up residence in this auto. The smell was horrendous. I could not drive the car with the windows up. A Shaklee rep told me it would make the car smell better. I said, "Whatever... I'll try it." She loaned me a purifier for a week. I put this in my car around noon and took it out around 4:00pm to take it inside for a little while. After 4 hours my car was discernibly fresher. Actually, it was pretty darn good! I was sold. If that little mug-sized purifier could do that in my car... wow.
I talked to my wife and we scraped together the cash to buy one of these marvelous little devices. We put it in the bedroom next to my side of the bed. I have always had mild allergies which give me headaches and other weird things. Well, with this thing next to my bed I had few, if any, problems. Well, like all good things, the main unit wore out. I'm getting a replacement for it, but I can definitely tell that my health is suffering. I have constant phlegm and headaches of increasing intensity. I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't have that filter running. My quality of life is down as well as my energy levels and mood.
If a product can do that much for my life, I am definitely interested in distributing it and letting others know about it.

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