Friday, November 19, 2010


First, before you read too far. I believe in Demons. No, I don't think they're like the Wes Craven scary demons. I think they're more like the C.S. Lewis Screwtape demons. There are demons in the world that actively work to keep you unhappy and out of the life you are meant to be living. They offer suggestions to you that are not altogether unreasonable. "Go here, instead of there..." they whisper. "Listen to this person, instead of that one," they offer.
Now, not all decisions are directed by demons. I would offer that, like in the Screwtape letters, most decisions are left without guidance. There are a few decisions, however, that are pushed on by supernatural beings that encourage specific decisions. "Should I continue with this project, or let it drop because it might be unpopular? I know that it's the right thing to do, but..." And it is in this moment of doubt that the demon comes in and says, "No, the timing is just wrong... it's a good idea, just wait..."
Then, 7 or so years down the road you find yourself looking back on the project or idea, wondering why you had given up so easily.
Having said all this, I think I have just moved from a town that was filled with demons. I say this because I think, if this type of being does exist, then they affect children the most. Since we moved, my son has drastically changed his personality. He is more engaged, stares off less, is nicer to his sister and is generally a much nicer little boy. When I say drastically, I am amazed at the change.
When we were in our previous dwelling place, my son would do some of the strangest things. He would walk around pounding on walls, run back and forth through the house screaming and making strange noises. We would stop him, hug him, and he would look at us like we had just fallen from the ceiling.
I am convinced that there was some demonic force acting on him. Now it is for you to decide whether I am being literal or metaphorical.

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Jonathan said...

PS: I still think my project from oh-so-long ago was a good idea, and I think if people would have given it a chance, it would have worked really really well. C'est la vie...