Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why I'm not happy with wordpress.com

Ok, I love open source stuff. It's awesome! Wordpress.org is fantastic. wordpress.com, not so much.

Wordpress is like the love-child of Drupal and Blogger. It's got features of a blog, and it's got features of a content management system. This, in theory, is great! I love the concept. You've got a really nice simple interface with a lot of power under the hood.

In theory.

In practice, wordpress.com is a steaming pile of whatsit. (If you don't know what whatsit is, you should watch more homestarrunner.com cartoons.)

Since they stopped letting users add iframes and javascript, it's really just become an overly complex jumble of things that don't seem to work right. There is no benefit to run wordpress over blogger, if you want to just have a simple blog. Blogger will get you up and running faster, and easily integrates all the things you might want! (I have a google analytics account following this blog. Why? I don't know, morbid curiosity... I love knowing that 3 people on average visit this site for <30 seconds a day.)

If you want a multi-page blog with more power, use weebly! (Granted, not open source, but a really nice tool none the less.) If you want to stay open source, just find someone who will give you a little drupal loving.

Wordpress tries to do too much with a blog and ends up being either A: not enough or B: way too much.


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to agree, WordPress.com is a very limiting experience and am frustrated with not being able to use simple widgets such as Feedjit or TopRank.

But transferring back to Google would be a pain in the butt. So until I either tire/get rid of my current blog am stuck.

Unless you know of a way to transfer everything over to Blogger from WordPress.com (I have my own .com site through W/P.)



Jonathan said...

You should check out weebly.com --> cheaper than wordpress and way better!