Saturday, June 2, 2007


When is the last time you felt good about cleaning? Have you ever gotten done cleaning your kitchen, just to turn around and feel some sort of weird filmy substance on your counters? Or got done cleaning your bath-tub and taken a shower, only to find that all your efforts were for naught? What about brushing your teeth? Have you ever brushed and wondered why you need to rinse that crud off your toothbrush as soon as you are done brushing?

Here are some interesting thoughts on cleaning:

- If something has a smell, it is leaving a residue on that surface (probably an oily one)
- Most household cleaners are hazardous to yourself and the environment (Think back to that bathtub cleaning session for a perfect example).
- Every day cleaners such as Windex (anything with ammonia) are closely linked with an increase in asthma
- If something leaves a residue on what you are using to clean something, it is leaving a residue on what you are cleaning.

You may be asking yourself if there is anything you can do. Some people have advocated using vinegar and baking soda as primary cleaning products. This is great because it's safe and all environmentally safe. However a lot of people do not like the smell of vinegar, nor do they like that they have to rinse whatever they clean.

This is where the Shaklee get clean products come in. They leave no reside, they are safe and they are easy to use. You can always visit my website to learn more about these products. Not only are they safe, and will actually get your home cleaner, but they will help you to save significant amounts of money.

Take, for example, Shaklee's Basic H2. A single bottle of this retails for $11.95. This is just a little bottle really, but it will make 48 Gallons of all-purpose cleaner, and thousands of gallons of window cleaner.

The Toothpaste, a favorite of mine, is amazing. It leaves no sticky crud on your toothbrush when you are done, which means that you KNOW it is leaving no sticky crud on your teeth. How would you feel if you knew that not only was the toothpaste cleaning your teeth, but that it was safe and non-poisonous.

I hope you take a minute to visit the website listed above. I know you will find that you are impressed and you will be healthier and live a safer life for yourself and the environment.